maryland lottery

Snow goose hunting in Maryland is like a lottery

Be believed as the first human domesticated fowl, goose comes from the wild swan goose or grey goose. Wild goose is the predecessor of Chinese goose, while grey goose is the origin of European national goose.Canada Goose Kensington Parka black Goose is a kind of poultry, it is bigger than ducks, has long neck, wide flat beak, with short tail, white or gray body and with protruding flesh forehead. The male goose’s bump is bigger, has long neck, with big webbed feet and is good at swimming. Cereals, vegetables, fish, shrimps and some other stuff are foods of goose, moreover, the meat and eggs of goose are able to be eaten.

According to its features, goose can be induced to be duck course with Aves and wild goose outline. Duck species have complex kinds, we often say some animals, such as geese, swans, ducks, mandarin ducks and other animals are all duck species. Some of these animals are trained to become domesticated poultries by humans, such as mallard ducks are domesticated into ducks, wild geese are domesticated into geese, gray geese are domesticated into the European goose and perched warts nose ducks are domesticated into Muscovy duck.

These members are with different shapes and habits. Some of them would like to eat plants; however, some are fond of eating fish. Some of them would be good diver, but it is only impossible for some to float on the water. In addition, some can be defined to one of the strongest flying birds, while others are not good at flying. There are several swans, such as warts nose goose and big swans are the largest size of swimming birds, it is also one of the largest flying birds. Mute Swan is also the most elegant bird, which is commonly seen in the park in Europe, but it is not seen in China commonly.

Family geese have been started to be domesticated by human beings around three or maybe four thousand years ago and wild goose is their forefather. Geese always have big heads, wide and strong bodies, full chests, have cold resistance, with gregarious natures and disease resistances. Geese are not only with quick growing speed, but own a relatively long life span if contrasting to other poultry, four to fifteen kilogram would be their rough weight. Goose habitats in the vicinity of ponds and other waters, it is good at swimming. The incubation period of goose will be about one month and raising activities are taken all over the world. There are some core sorts of goose, such as lion goose, Taegu goose and other geese.

What we can learn from modern pharmacology study is that a high concentration of immunoglobulin is being existed in the blood of goose, it has over forty percent controlling rate on the aspect of Ehrlich Ascots carcinoma.

We will hunt goose in every season and try to follow them on Maryland but all is like a lottery when you shoot with the gun.

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