Hunting Passion

Snow Goose Hunting Passion

For about 36 years now I have hunted greater snow geese in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and New York. As snow geese have evolved so have I in pursuing them. In 1972 I saw my first flock of snows leave the saltwater bays of Maryland heading inland and I thought “Boy are they lost.” The snows fed on eel grass their entire existence and honestly were horrible table fair. Snows then became hungry with the disappearance of eel grass because of the encroachment of humans to close to tidal bays They turned to waste grain in fields on the Delmarva peninsula and their population simply exploded.

Snow Goose Hunts NY

Snow Goose Hunts NY

We started hunting the snows in the grain fields with white trash bags or diapers and it was all we needed back then to kill all the snow geese you could ever want to eat. But as the years rolled by and the snows were hunted more and more, they became tougher and tougher to harvest. In the evolution of hunting snows hunters mostly turned to Canada goose shells painted white. Then to entice them a little more socks were developed to provide movement and depth to the spread. Eventually the decoy spreads grew from 200 to 1500 or so socks or socks and shells. 

As the birds got even tougher to kill another step became necessary. Next step was mechanical whirly jigs of all types to convince the birds that it was ok to land. Somewhere in the evolution came electronic callers as well. Unfortunately now the snows are getting wise to mechanical devices and the e-callers. Not sure what the next step will be but certainly baiting and or live decoys have to be considered for the harvest to continue to be successful. Certainly if the numbers aren’t at least kept at the level they are today, the poor creatures will eat themselves out of house and home. But then again we are only human and are just guessing how the Lord wants his house kept. Hope we are guessing right. If not, the Lord will let us know soon enough. Such is evolution. 

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