Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do your waterfowl hunts in MD, VA & DE  include?
Most hunts include full kitchen, 2 grills, lodging in our log cabin with Satellite Big Screen TV, Full Kitchen, Game Cleaning Facility, carcass disposal, game cleaning station, warm wood stove and more.

2. How are your Deer hunts in Maryland conducted?
These hunts are semi-guided. You will be shown property lines, the general movements of the herd and then left to your own skills to hunt in your climber stand. The less scent in the woods the better. Some permanent stands will be provided or ground blinds when feasible.
Hunts are in woodland in Maryland for whitetails and marshland for Sika Deer. Waders may be need. Lodging included  in our log cabin with TV and full kitchen.

3. Are your Turkey hunts guided?
Our turkey hunts are guided and semi-guided, depending on your needs and landowner requirements. All hunts require full camo necessary for turkey hunting. No red, white, blue or black clothing allowed by law.
You may call the birds in yourself or the guide will do it for you, whichever you prefer. This is a fully guided hunt with 2 hunters per guide. Hunts start on Aril 18th in Md. and April 10th in Va. and De approx. April 12.

4. What are your duck hunts like?.
We hunt ducks in Fields, Saltwater  and Freshwater Ponds and lakes, Impoundments, Rivers and Bays, Cypress Swamps, and Flooded Oak Forests. We provide guided hunts and semi-guided hunts, depending on the hunters experience and needs of the group.

5. How do you conduct your Canada and snow goose and Swan hunts?
We hunt Maryland ( Eastern Shore ), Delaware ( Delmarva ), New York, West Virginia, North Carolina, & Virginia Delmarva & Mainland  –   Fully & Semi-Guided Hunt – 75,000 Private Acres The fields are dry and we use pits, layout blinds or temporary blinds in ditches or fields.
Season starts Sept. 1st in most states and end March 31st in Upstate NY. Most goose hunts are in fields. Some are on Cayuga Lake area in the Finger Lakes.

6. Do you hunt Canada Geese?
Yes, we take guests on fully guided hunts in the Resident season and the late season. The season runs approximately Sept. 1 to March 10th. Limits range from 2-15 birds depending on the state and season. In some cases the use of  with unplugged guns is allowed. We hunt in Maryland , West Virginia, New York, Delaware & Virginia .

When booking your hunt, please keep the following information in mind:

1. Popular waterfowl field camos or solid white clothing for the hunt. Not to blend into snow. This is to make you look like a snow goose in the decoy rig. Different weather conditions determine what we need to wear.
2. Cash only for balance due before the hunt can precede. No checks or money orders or credit card for balance due.
3. You may need to have cornfield Camo for entire body instead of white. Please be prepared for either.
4. Thermos of coffee or snacks is suggested.
5. Use these links to purchase hunting licenses and or permits for non residents. MD residents need all listed below except a hunting license. Your license is reciprocal for snow geese and pigeons only.
A .https://egov.delaware.gov/HTR Hip number & Snow goose conservation number. Delaware
Item 5 not for NY hunters.
6. The legality of your hunt is your responsibility not the guides. Ask all questions if you are concerned about game laws to the agency responsible for enforcing those laws in that state. The guide will go to bed by 7:00pm so plan accordingly so there is time to review waiver forms and familiarize you with the equipment we will be using the morning of the hunt.
7. All clients are expected to help with placement and pick up of decoys and necessary gear if needed. If you have to leave early an additional fee is required for labor to retrieve decoys and store properly.
8. You will probably not know what state the hunt will be conducted in until 12:00-3:00pm the day before the hunt. Scouting is done the day before the hunt to provide the best hunt possible. It’s what your hiring us for of course. Item 8 not for NY hunters.
9. Please provide an email address for  The Assumption of Risk and Liability form required must be dated before the day of the hunt. Your signature, witness signature and printed name are required and the form has to be filled out completely. Hard copy has to be delivered the morning of the hunt in person.
10. No guests dogs allowed due to potential injury of other dogs and humans.
11. There are very limited places to park on farms. Car pooling is necessary always please.
12. Wear headlamps for decoy placement and your safety.
13. All hunts will be stopped in dangerous or damaging weather conditions.
14. Hunts other than in NY will end by 11:00am. Hunts in NY for half day end at 11:00am. All day hunts have a break of 3 hours from 11:00am to 2:00pm and will 1 hour before sunset. Small fee of $100 to extend the hunt from half day to all day.

A 50% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit to other dates is required to book A hunt. Substitution is allowed. The balance is due and payable in cash only, no checks, the day before the hunt at the lodge where the hunt is to originate and in some occasions in the field before the hunt proceeds. 

All hunters are required to sign an Assumption of Risk and Liability before the day of the hunt or the hunt will not be conducted and no refund for the hunt will be given.

Mail deposits to:
DOA Outfitters Inc.
10206 Sharptown Rd.
Mardela Springs, Md. 21837
Cell 410-603-1400
Websites www.doaoutfitters.com, www.ultimategoosehunts.com, and www.snowgoosehuntingmaryland.com
E-mail doaoutfitters@gmail.com

Prices do not include ammo, licenses or proper hunting attire. We recommend shot size BB or BBB for geese and No. 1 or 2’s for ducks.

All goose and duck hunts are until 11:00 am. or when you shoot your limit, whichever comes first. Big game hunts are all day ans semi guided only.

Our professional guides all work before, during and after your hunt to provide you with memories that will last a lifetime. A 15% gratuity is much appreciated. Special tips are always appreciated for those extra special hunts.