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We started pounding snow geese on the east coast in 1978 when you could only shoot 2 geese a day. Now there are NO LIMITS . Come help DOA Outfitters save the environment. Oh yeah. And have a lot of fun. Unlike New Jersey geese, our snow do not eat marsh grass in the meadows of NJ. Our snow goose diet consists of corn and winter wheat making them much better table fair. Even better than the Canada Goose. If you have always what it must have been like a couple hundred years ago shooting waterfowl and never worry about limits, then come visit us this year for a snow goose hunt. Truly and addicting sport. Contact Joe today to get lined up for the waterfowl thrill of a lifetime.

For 50 years DOA Outfitters has hunted and guided for 50 years on the Delmarva peninsula gaining experience in how to be successful hunting sea ducks, diver ducks and puddle ducks. Then we turned to hunting fields and for many species of geese and ducks the hunting was found to be fantastic over land. We have the ability to harvest many different types of species for the waterfowl collector. In particular we shoot greater snow geese, speckle bellied geese, migratory giant Canada geese, greater and lesser blue geese and blue phase Ross geese along with the white Ross. And that’s just the geese. With the ducks our clients come to harvest black mallards, canvasbacks, greater and lesser scaup, redheads, buffleheads, hooded mergansers , red breasted mergansers, and the elusive common merganser along with Old Squaw or long tailed ducks, white winged scorer, surf scorer and common scoter. We hunt the Legendary scenic Chesapeake bay for most of our birds but at times go to the Atlantic Coast for Atlantic Brant. Beautiful scenery unique to the Delmarva peninsula and Maryland and Delaware. Give Joe a call on his cell at 410-603-1400 to get in on a hunt this season. A few spots still left. And remember “It’s not the wild meat but the heart beat. That’s why we do it.” 

DOA Outfitters Inc. – Joe Austin – President
Cell Number 410-603-1400 or 315-889-1790

Email: doaoutfitters@gmail.com

Physical & Mailing Address:
10206 Sharptown Rd.
Mardela Springs, Maryland 21837

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